Monday, January 12, 2009

Elder Sean~January 12, 2009..back in Warsaw!

hello hello! well i made it back to the dirty dirty of warsaw... ive never felt so much at home. I was in a 3-some with elder whipple and fuller for most of the week bc of some stuff fuller had to get done ... so it was way fun. We had a bunch of lessons with different investigators they have been working with.. my favorite was this meeting we had with a less active member. Her name is janina and she's approximately 312 years old. One of my new favorite poles of all time. She had someting to say about everything and about every other sentence she kinda coo's like a furby .. it's something she does naturally but its way funny. i felt bad because most the lesson i was biting my cheeks trying not to laugh. She's less active bc she's well.. she's old and she's also addicted to tv and chocolate. Apparently she watches it until like 4 am because she cant turn it off.. and wakes up at 2 in the afternoon and then just eats chocolate all day. She's awesome.
What else what else... nothing too crazy just a lot of meetings and a i got to do a couple of whiteboards again! yeahh!! oh man that really was the highlight of my life.. setting up that whiteboard and turning to the first pole i see and saying "excuse me madam. do you have an answer to this question?" adrenaline started pumping and i got fuzzy tingleys all over. i imagine that's what it will feel like to hug a girl again... but probably not as cool.
im really excited for this transfer it should be the greatest one yet. It's great to be back in this branch again, see and talk to some familiar faces..i think this is my favorite branch ive served in. The weather actually has been a little bit warmer recently so it has been so painful to walk around. Hope you all have a great week, i miss you guys!


elder sean


Bob said...

Keep working the boards, El. Sean!

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bricarr said...

oh seansy,
i mean elder daly...

i went out to lunch today with an
Elder Kuhle...remember him? :)