Monday, January 26, 2009

Hermana Daly~January 26, 2009...'be firm"

Hola familia!!
> The weeks are flying by! I can´t believe we are already half way through our cambio! We had interviews with President Urra this past week, which were way good. Hermana Plauche and I told him how combining our sectors is a bit overwhelming because we have tons of investigadors and not enough time to visit all of them…especially with everyone´s vacation schedule. He then told us something very wise…sean más exigentes!! Or in english, be more demanding and firm with your investigadors. He told us as hermanas we tend to be more patient and don´t want to hurt people´s feelings, so we hold onto our investigadors that aren´t progressing. He told us we have a lot of investigadors, but we need to have progressing investigadors. If they don´t want to follow through with committments, then chao! We were like, wow you are so right lol. He gave us some scenarios with the baptismal challenge we do at the beginning of each lesson. For the baptismal challenge, we ask them if they come to know that these things are true, will they be baptized in the Church of Jesús Christ. Then President Urra told us if they say no to go further. If you come to find out that the requisites of your baptism aren´t valid before God, will you be baptized with the correct requisites? If they say no to that, President Urra said to ask, if you have a vision or some amazing spiritual experience telling you that these things are true, then will you be baptized? Then he said if they say no to that then adios and don´t waste your valuable time continue teaching. Be firm!
> It was quite the motivational interview. Amazingly, our first appointment after the interview was with a future investigador. Hermana Plauche gave the baptismal challenge and he said no. Hmmmm…then she followed what President Urra just said up to if he had a vision would he be baptized…and he said no --- he had a vision and know there is a God but just wants to listen to God´s words and doesn´t think he needs to take action. Unbelievable…so we did as we were taught and didn´t teach the first lesson, bore our testimonies, and chao!
> We had a lot more experiences with being more firm this week as well. Sadly we killed of a bunch of non-progressing investigadors but found lots of new ones. We are here to bring the elect, those willing to listen and take action, to Christ.
> Also President Urra took us two Hermanas and the zone leaders out to dinner later that night at a way nice restaurant near the Morro. It was like we were on vacation lol. President Urra is the best and really looks out for the Hermanas haha.
> Our investigador Victor had his baptismal interview yesterday and he ready to go for his baptism this week!! He is super bueno. We ran into his inactive member Mom and asked about Victor and the family. We found out a lot about how hard his life was and is. His dad is into drugs and just spends money on drugs and not the family, so the mom has to work to support them. And just lots of other not so fun stuff in his life. It made us realize why Victor loves learning about the Gospel so much…it is a santuary for him in his life. We are grateful for his example and faith.
> My gratitude for my family has also grown as I see the families here and the problems of the world corrupting families. I am grateful to have grown up in the Gospel with a loving family, with the priesthood in our home, and the great examples of mom and dad. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! Love you 
> The gospel is true!!!! Have a great week!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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