Monday, January 26, 2009

Elder Daly~January 26, 2009...'gypsies'

so the best meeting of the week goes to an investigator we have named Aneta. She's this girl we met on a whiteboard and set up with later in the week... She doesnt have a metro pass so she couldnt make it to our chapel.. so we met her in downtown warsaw... she's kinda interesting.. probably 28.. been through it all, honestly.. but still looks pretty normal.. ehh.. she's kinda i dunno trailer trashy if i can say that. but really nice.. anyways we started walking and talking about God and life and she says that she knows a coffee shop we can go to to sit and talk.. so we follow. She tells us basically her whole life story on the way which was pretty intense.. drugs, devil worshipping, mental institutions.. i wouldnt have guessed the half it. We make it to this coffeshop and it looks like your average shop for caffeinated beverages.. false. not average. We walk inside and sit down and there are people like smoking.. but not just smoking they are using special instruments to smoke if ya know what i mean. Anywho.. we had a good conversation actually.. talked about alot of different things .. had the chance to talk about the book of mormon and joseph smith. She is christian which is a start and when we left her with the book she said she was going to start reading right away. Interesting meeting.. not sure if the spirit was able to be at that one, but we think she really thought a lot about the things we were saying. She was way cool, good meeting.

This week was way busy.. always good. We had some success in getting people to church this week which is always kinda stressful.. especially in the international branch.. but always good. I wish i could talk about all of our investigators. they are so cool and interesting but i dont really have time to write about all of them.. its not pday today we have it tomorrow because its zone conference on wednesday and we are all getting together for pday before it.

I got to go on exchanges to Lodz this week which was a lot of fun.. we talked to this black guy from texas named Kool... he was so cool.

this work is the Lord's its reaffirmed to me 1000 times a day.. its amazing what happens when we invite the Spirit into everything we do. Inspiration from on high is real, and its incredible.

love you guys have a great week!

elder sean

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Bob said...

Way to work, El. Sean! Interesting place for a discussion.