Monday, January 12, 2009

Hermana Daly~January 12, 2009.."let the work move forward"

Hola familia!!!!
> Primero, gracias por un segundo navidad!!!! I just received everyone´s Christmas cards and letters this week!!! It was like Christmas all over...thanks for you letters cousins and all the family pictures. Looks and sounds like everyone is doing spectacular!!! It was way exciting to get mail...of course you guys already know missionaries love mail lol. But MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
> This first week of the new cambio was a quick one and crazy one. I forget what I wrote last week, but since there are only two of us Hermanas instead of four we combined our two sectors and have lots of work to do. It was crazy the first few days since each of us had different citas with our investigadors and lots of different people to visit....lots of walking but the exhaustion is good! We are getting to know each other´s investigadors which is interesting because some were like awww where is the other hermana haha. And it´s different having both of us be gringas together in the streets...some benefits and some not so great things lol.
> We also got some great new investigadors...Marisol and Miguel Angel. The Spirit was very strong with Miguel as he talked about needing a change in his life and felt like the Gospel was the change he needed. Super bueno!!! But we weren´t able to find him in his house later in the week to get him to church, but this week for sure. This Sunday was a bit cloudy and dark in the morning, which I quite enjoyed....but unfortunately it meant that everyone in Arica stayed in their beds and slept all morning, including our investigadors. We had seven of them say ya for sure church on Sunday...and only got two to Church --- Matías who doesn´t really like Church but is 15 and can be easily convinced (not a great thing lol) and Veronica (an investigador of Hemmana Plauche). I´m thinking we need to have Church later in Chile because Chileans love to sleep in...I don´t blame them though. So we will continue on working this week and our goal is stronger committments!!
> Life in the mission is great!! It is way hot here and a lot busier as people are vacationing and such. Summer vacations also puts on a toll on the mission work because many leave for like a month. So we will see what happens this cambio...we have high hopes since we have our two sectors in one. Also zone conference is this week which I am excited for. Spanish is also getting a lot better...I am understanding people more and everyone is really nice and help me. Hermana Plauche said that people are more receptive to me because they see me trying to speak Spanish and help me, so I get a lot more dirrections from people on the street that way haha. I guess that can be one benefit to being a gringa gringa. Hemana Plauche is amazing at her Spanish and is determined to teach me all she knows, so thats good!!! Let the work move forward!!!!
> Love you all and keep smiling!!! Also help the missionaries out in your ward 
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Way to work, Hma. Alysia!