Monday, January 19, 2009

Elder Daly~January 19, 2009...bad man that Bob Marley!

well howdy do.. another week, another email.. i considered doing this one in old scripture english to mix it up.. cuz ill be honest these get kinda boring.. but maybe ill save that for another week. Briana, im convinced you are the most popular person at byu.. how do you know elder kuhle? ... and how did he score a lunch date with you? hah just kidding he's such a cool guy.. i didnt really know him that well.. maybe saw him once or twice, just heard the legends. Give him a shay-mah shay-mah for me.

Welp we had some good meetings this week. We meet with Janina, furby lady, once a week... so that was an unforgettable lesson, naturally. We also had a few with some new investigators we contacted last week. 2 of them were with way cool middle aged guys that were just so open to hearing about it all, but they just dont sense the importance of it. I don't get it. I hate the argument that every religion is good and everything will be alright in the end. That's Bob Marley's argument. bad man that bob marley. They both told us they would read the book of mormon though so we gave them some chapters.. hopefully they open their hearts and the Spirit will spark something within.

We had another meeting with this older lady whipple met on the street a few weeks ago, Gerta. The most intense meeting of my mission thus far. We tried talking about the Gospel and got a few principles taught at the start of the meeting. But apparently she already has a book of mormon and she has been to church and met the missionaries and perhaps even been taught all of the lessons. So she wasn't so down for talking gospel.. and what came next we never expected. Some people are trying to get this little old lady kicked out of her house.. so they took her to court on charges that she's crazy and a danger to her property. Her house is one of the last residential establishments in this area out in Ursus where I used to live... and some company wants to take that land and make it into a giant apartment building. Her brother used to live out there too i think .. with her or maybe around her... but he was killed. By who? ... the mafia. They got him, whacked him...badda bing badda boom. And now they are after her. The judge of her case has ties or is being bribed because she is being treated unfairly in court and it's looking like she might get sent off to a mental institution and have her property seized if she loses the case. So she wanted us to find her a good lawyer. Whether or not it's all true, i dunno.. are government officials corrupt in poland? ehh, probably some.. and the bigger question.. is there a mafia in warsaw? are elder whipple and I in danger? we'll see.

Had some other meetings with our slightly more solid investigators.. really excited about this guy named slawek .. the work is good, my companion ridiculously good. The church is still undeniably true. I love you guys, thanks for the emails they always mean alot

love is all you need

elder daly

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bricarr said...

umm i think Sister McGarry told me about Kuhle. :D
i told him about Furby lady...
he totally remembers her.

miss you cousin!
keep writing. :)