Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elder Daly~March 10, 2009...Transferssssss!

Hey hey family... so i got my companion stolen away from me this week... the AP's broke down our door and came in with their big dog euro suits and sunglasses and took him and his stuff, by force mind you... i was left alone in tears and reflection for the rest of the day.. or atleast i wanted to be. I spent the rest of the day with elder weber and mehner and we went and threw down a whiteboard in front of a mall for the rest of the night. Elder Whipple found out he was going Assistant to Pres Engbjerg in front of everybody at zone conference.. he along with Elder Thomas ( my other ZL from bydgoszcz) were called into the office. So... remember that one time that I got transfered every transfer.... yeah, im getting transferred again.. im going to north warsaw with Elder Packer... he's rumored to be the most hardcore in the mission so we'll see what he's got.. im pretty excited, not very excited to pack again though and im gunna miss this branch alot. But our investigators are in good hands because Elder Whipple is keeping most of them so Danuta will be just fine. She was way sick this week from her medication, but she'll be off it by the end of the week

Zone conference was a blast this week.. we had 3 of the 4 zones at the conference so it was almost like mission conference.. i got to lead it which was way fun especially because the leading is all in polish and president engbjerg doesnt know any polish really.. so i got to throw a few jokes in here and there... unfortunately everybody in the mission now knows i cant really speak polish. Elder Whipple and my zone presentation was off the heezy to quote a brotha.... most of it was on the stop somking program but we got to do some fun role plays as well.. it was wayy nerve racking though because of the 3 zone presentations.. president came to ours (to see his new ap in action) ... it was good though.. After one of the roleplays that elder whipple and I did we asked for critiques from the missionaries and Elder Owen ( my son) is in our zone (long story, but he got minitransfered to our zone) and he just lit me up and called me out on some way funny stuff right in front of everybody.. it was pretty funny.. i love my boy.

I went on exchanges to Lublin this week with Elder Brown.. he goes home on friday.. We had a way good day, lublin is beautiful. Nothing too crazy went down just a district meeting and alot of contacting... every other person there is a college student .. polish provo for real..

Here's some odd polish culture for ya... this week while Elder whipple and I were contacting this random old polish man walks passed us wheeling this weird machine that is comprised of a big wheel. He set up his machine outside of random huge apartment building and then he hit the a metal pole with a knife repeatedly. At first i thought he was a little crazy, then he really started to bug me because this banging went on for a solid 5 minutes .. but to my astonishment people started coming from the apartment building with their knives.. he was a knife sharpener! .. street vendor version ... pretty crazy huh.

Well tonight we are going to see phantom of the opera in polish.. president finally let us do something cool :-) .. im way stoked... tranfers on thursday... the trainstation is going to be bumping...

The work is still amazing in warsaw right now.. our zone just had 2 baptisms this past weekend and we should have a couple more within the course of the week... People are getting alot easier to talk to with the weather warming up... thanks for the prayers ... making it through this past winter will go on my top 10 accomplishments of all time along with landing that ridiculous tantrum 900 with my eyes closed two summers ago.. oh wait, that was dad.. dangit.

have a good week, love you guys

elder daly

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