Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elder Daly~March 31, 2009~miracles raining down from above!

Happy Birthday dad!!! I hope you had a most excellent birthday. A son never had a better father. Especially one that looks down right attractive in those sweet glasses you rocked during the mish :-) I am most definitely not trunky... but i'd be lying if i said i can't wait till we hit up black canyon on november 21st.. ill bring the dry suits. I miss you dad.

Miracles are raining down from above!! It's a good thing i broke my umbrella last winter.. hah, alright goober joke .. but for reals we had some sweet stuff happen this week. We had this guy call us and tell us he has read the whole book of mormon (got it from a friend) and he knows it's true! We haven't had contact with him in a couple days though so hopefully it wasn't some jokester. The phone call reminded me alot of the one I had up in Bydgoszcz with Zbyszek.. i dunno if u remember him.. but he just got a baptisimal date this week! As well as this other investigator Elder Stinnett and I found last summer named Maya... she's getting baptized this month. Basically...the Lord loves Poland... this is most definitely His work and He is making things happen. It's cool that our efforts always mean something even if we don't see the immediate result. The saying 'no effort is wasted' has really taken on a whole new meaning and weight for me since I've been out.

This week I'm highlighting the Zoladek family in email.. husband and wife, both members but inactive unfortunately. We take them the sacrament after church each sunday... get on this tram for 45 mins and just crikkity creak our way to outreaches of warsaw. They are decently young.. late 50's and the husband developed Multiple Sclerosis and few years back and he can't walk or really move around that much at all. So he has to chill in bed all day and his wife helps out. They are just way cool people and he is hilarious. They both have amazing faith and Brother Zoladek knows for a fact that he will be able to walk one day so that he can take his wife to the temple and be sealed (they never had a temple marriage). She just laughs at that though ... she doesnt think its going to happen. little does she know... check the ensign for pics of Elder Packer and I doing backflips with Brother Z.

--Culture tidbit --

When you go to a Polish person's home.. most of the time you have to take off your shoes.. crazy huh.

just kidding..... and sometimes they'll give you little booties to wear.. little slippers. Sometimes the booties are pretty gross so i carry around anitbacterical slipper spray.

sto lat dad! moze nawet piecset

love you all!

elder daly

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