Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009~The work rolls along

Happy March :-) This week was way good, I went on exchanges with Elder McRae. Most of our day was spent chasing buses that ended up going in the wrong direction because we got bad directions from a member that wanted us to move a couch for her. We finally made it there though and moved this enormo couch a few flights of stairs inside of a polish apartment building.. which anyone will tell you is no easy task..mcrae lost an arm but all in all the couch looks really good in the aparment. And by golly, we got cookies out of it. We also had a meeting with Danuta that same night and it was really good.. her husband was way sick so he was laying in the bed in the other room... she asked us to talk loud so he could hear. It was a really good lesson though she is just so excited to learn the gospel and she just absorbs as much info as she can and she has a bjillion questions. We made her a baptisimal calendar and her date is now for the 28th of March.

Elder whipple and i tracted into this kind larry looking guy this week and he let us in... his house smelled like death and he had a couple of dogs and we are pretty sure one of them was dead. Anywho this guy is at the bottom of life ( we seem to be meeting a lot of those lately) and the sad part is that he was baptized 10 years ago in the Church and started drinking again soon after his baptism and his life just fell apat.. he was in tears.. really sad to see. Not sure exactly what we can do with him.. we searched for his records but didnt find them.. so yeah, random.

We had to work the family history center this week again...work for the dead is way interesting, but kinda boring.

Had some meetings, nothing too crazy.. i think the highlight of the week was this whiteboard we did yesterday.. there is this new revamped non smoking program that was introduced to us last zone conference.. so we did a whiteboard simply dedicated to finding people who wanted to kick the fags. I dont think describing it will do it justice so ill just send a pic of it...

Everyone is poland is talking about the "crisis" ..its written everywhere and the word is just kinding pervasively floating around the polski air... ive heard the US is struggling a little bit but i really dont think poland has gotten hit by it.. i think someone just says the word and suddenly everyone stops buying things and sits on their money and then there really is a crisis.. as for now people are stopping for us alot more partly thanks to the weather and partly because they want to know what we think about the crisis.

The work rolls along.. and its rolling at a pretty incredible pace right now.. the whole mission is pumped and the number of baptisimal dates for march right now is higher than ive seen since ive been out.. its a completely different mission. I had another one of my corny, not so deep epiphanies this week while i was walking around warsaw with elder whipple.. k not really epiphany.. more of a reflection upon the pure, unconditional joy that flows from sharing a personal testimony with anybody and everybody... I feel pretty selfish because i know i get more out of it than most of the people i talk to... but i had the experience a couple of times this week of seeing those truths just kinda click in the heart and mind of an individual and its always way exciting.. it never gets old.. i wish i could describe or share some of those experiences better they are simply the best..

i love you guys hope you have a great week

elder daly

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Bob said...

El. Sean,

Thank you for your example and testimony...You are a great inspiration for me to do more in sharing my testimony.

With appeciation and love,

Uncle Bob