Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elder Daly~March 17, 2009...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It was a really awkward and tiring week because most of it was spent without my other half. 3rd wheeling it is kind of a bummer. It was cool at the same time though because I got to spend it with Elder Mcrae and rushton.. we had a couple of meetings on wednesday before transfers and we got fed by one of the american families. There are about 4 american fams in south warsaw branch and the majority of them work for the embassy. Anywho, i got a glimpse into the life of a stateside missionary... roast beef, potatoes, homemade rolls... psshh they can have it.. im not jealous. Speaking in english.. overrated. Talking about byu football, ok kinda cool. Pumpkin pie, yeahh... it was really good..im pretty jealous.

On transfer day elder mcrae and i were in charge of the train schedules and tickets for everyone.. for about 5 hours we were running up and down escalators, in between platforms, throwing luggage and greenies across train tracks... everyone got in safe.. and my boy Elder Packer and I were finally united.

He's a really cool kid. He's from alpine, ut.. i showed him a pic of some of those alpine kids i roomed with at byu and he recognized most of them. He's a musician and one of the funniest people alive... im really excited for this transfer. Two of the sisters from my group are in North Warsaw with me so i get to make trunky jokes about them until they go home at the end of the transfer.

We had a few meetings with some of the investigators the previous zls were working with.. one of them knows the bom is true and has read every ensign since 1980.. but he's kinda crazy and yeah, he's kinda crazy. We have this cool guy named brian whose from the states.. He's physically handicapped and in a wheelchair but he has amazing faith. He's an english teacher here and he's protestant.. his sister is a mormon and has been trying to get him to join for a while now.. he's really cool so we'll see what happens. We met with a JW investigator as well this week... He was way funny because he claims to be a JW but he has catholic doctrine mixed up in his beliefs..

polish culture tidbit ... it is considered impolite if you extend your hand to a woman that you have just met. You have to wait until she extends her hand in order to shake it.

love you!

Elder Daly

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Bob said...

Happy St. P day to you, El. O'Daly!