Monday, March 23, 2009

Hermana Daly~March 23, 2009...Feliz semana!

Hola familia!!!
> Feliz semana! First we had a great district meeting motivating us to put everything on the table to accomplish our was great and inspiring! So we have been working hard, making covenants with the Lord, and seeing miracles. We found some great new investigadors this week...we found one family that just moved here to Arica a few months ago. The parents and 20 year old son are menos activos and the 11 year old daughter, Valentina, never was baptized but wants to be!! Que alegría! So we taught her and the family the first lesson and hope to reactivate the parents and bring Valentina unto the waters of baptism. Valentina is really nice and has a sincere desire to learn!!
> Also I did my first divisiones...I don´t know what it is called in English haha wow – missionary terms that I need to know in English lol...anyway, but where we got two girls to accompany us for the day so we could divide. I went with Lady and my companion with Nicole. So I had to really stretch myself in teaching the lessons and understanding everything, since I was now a lone missionary lol. Lady was way good to testify and help me when I didn´t understand anything. We had tons of success that day though, since we got double the time to teach and find more people. Lots of miracles! So it was fun going on splits (oh ya, that´s the word lol) with them. Lady and Nicole are 19 and 20 years old, recent converts, and have a great testimony --- yay for members helping the missionaries out!! All the members are way nice here! Yesterday we ate pizza at a members house for was actually pretty close to American pizza, so I was content. I had been craving pizza lately lol.
> But I can´t believe there is only one week left of this cambio. Hopefully, President Urra lets me stay one more cambio. We have great investigadors and the next cambio has tons of potential! I am grateful for the mission, and I´m still trying to strive to be a missionary that the Lord wants me to be. Still have tons more to learn, but that is the great thing about the mission and life...we can learn everyday and become more Christ-like everyday!
> Love you all and have a great week!!!! Especially you Papa frita...enjoy your birthday week!!!! Love you Dad...thanks for helping me get here on my mission! It is the best!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


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