Monday, March 9, 2009

Hermana Daly~March 9, week...lots of walking & a surprise in the middle!

Hola familia!!!
> Como está??? Another fast week! Lots of walking and a suprise in the middle of the week...two Elders in our sector now!! So now we are back to four missionaries in our sector grande. One gringo from Washington and a new Elder in the mission from Guatamala. They are pretty funny and the ward is happy to have two Elders with us lol. All the members are way nice and funny. We had lunch together with the Elders at Hermano Wilson´s aka Presidente Wilson as he calls himself and us hermanas are his assistants, and now with the Elders we have a secretary and financerio haha. So we have authority over the Elders now we just compete with each other over streets and menos activos haha.
> But this week we found some pretty good contacts in the street and hope to teach them this week. The work was kinda slow with menos activos this week, but then last night as we were visiting people on the ward list we decided to knock an extra door where we were at...and what do ya know --- it was a menos activos who wasn´t in our list. He is way nice, a dad of a family who aren´t members. His wife is Catholic but not very strong in the church, and said that maybe it would be good for the whole family to listen and learn. So we are going to pass by later this week and hope for the best!!!
> This week we have zone conference, so that should be fun! Our Mission President was sick in the hospital for a few weeks, but now he is better and we are able to have conference! Also today was a fun P-Day...we took one of those pictures antiguas (antique?? I forgot the word in English and how to spell it) but we were dressed up in olden day clothes and took a pic as a zone. So that was fun!
> And that is about it for the news of Arica, Chile. Like Sean, I had my own epiphany but more about my realization of living in South America, in a country that speaks Spanish and I am able to talk to people and get around lol. It´s a pretty cool feeling...still learning lots about the language and need more practice, but I can talk and teach and be myself which is the best. I am grateful for my mission and the people I have met! I love Arica!!
> Have a great week! And Vanessa congrats on a baby girl!!! And Steph a baby!...yay for being mommies! Love you all!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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