Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elder Daly~March 31, 2009~miracles raining down from above!

Happy Birthday dad!!! I hope you had a most excellent birthday. A son never had a better father. Especially one that looks down right attractive in those sweet glasses you rocked during the mish :-) I am most definitely not trunky... but i'd be lying if i said i can't wait till we hit up black canyon on november 21st.. ill bring the dry suits. I miss you dad.

Miracles are raining down from above!! It's a good thing i broke my umbrella last winter.. hah, alright goober joke .. but for reals we had some sweet stuff happen this week. We had this guy call us and tell us he has read the whole book of mormon (got it from a friend) and he knows it's true! We haven't had contact with him in a couple days though so hopefully it wasn't some jokester. The phone call reminded me alot of the one I had up in Bydgoszcz with Zbyszek.. i dunno if u remember him.. but he just got a baptisimal date this week! As well as this other investigator Elder Stinnett and I found last summer named Maya... she's getting baptized this month. Basically...the Lord loves Poland... this is most definitely His work and He is making things happen. It's cool that our efforts always mean something even if we don't see the immediate result. The saying 'no effort is wasted' has really taken on a whole new meaning and weight for me since I've been out.

This week I'm highlighting the Zoladek family in email.. husband and wife, both members but inactive unfortunately. We take them the sacrament after church each sunday... get on this tram for 45 mins and just crikkity creak our way to outreaches of warsaw. They are decently young.. late 50's and the husband developed Multiple Sclerosis and few years back and he can't walk or really move around that much at all. So he has to chill in bed all day and his wife helps out. They are just way cool people and he is hilarious. They both have amazing faith and Brother Zoladek knows for a fact that he will be able to walk one day so that he can take his wife to the temple and be sealed (they never had a temple marriage). She just laughs at that though ... she doesnt think its going to happen. little does she know... check the ensign for pics of Elder Packer and I doing backflips with Brother Z.

--Culture tidbit --

When you go to a Polish person's home.. most of the time you have to take off your shoes.. crazy huh.

just kidding..... and sometimes they'll give you little booties to wear.. little slippers. Sometimes the booties are pretty gross so i carry around anitbacterical slipper spray.

sto lat dad! moze nawet piecset

love you all!

elder daly

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hermana Daly~March 30, 2009..another cambio in Arica..yay!!

Hola familia!
> ARICA SIEMPRE ARICA!!! Happy news...I get to stay another cambio in Arica!!
> Yay!! Also some exciting news is that they are spliting our ward and

creating a branch in the other chapel that has been closed for like four years. So it will consist of the people that live more close to the Centro.
> We still don't know what President Urra is going to with us missionaries...if a companionship is going to go to the branch or not. So will see!!
> We did have a great miracle this week with our investigador Miguel...he accepted a baptismal date!!!! We were so excited because we haven't had
> any dates this whole cambio, but now we have one. He is great and really happy in the Gospel! So hope things continue strong with him...one thing is that he belongs to the new branch now, so we don't know if we are still going have him as investigador or not, but we better because he is our baptism!!!
> And that is that. I love Arica and so excited that I get to stay! It is my home :) Today we climbed the Morro again and looked at the fantastic view with my fav...the ocean. It is starting to cool down, but still way hot! Every notices my bright red gringo skin and says I need to use sunblock, but I do and it just doesn't work...I'm meant to be a red-faced gringa lol.
> Oh and we completed our goal for menos activos...3 activated in the Gospel!
> Yay...this trimestre our focus is on bettering ourselves and teaching=
> with more power and authority. Our goal is to better our key indicators=
> by 30% by making covenants with the Lord and choosing things to work on=
> to cultivate Christ-like attributes and become better disciples of Christ. The mission is all about learning and being your best self. I am excited to create goals and strive to be better. That is the miracle of the=
> Gospel and Christ's Atonement...that we can make changes in our lives and be better. Our goal is Godhood and this is our time to prepare and learn. Take advantage of all your opportunities to learn and grow. Seek spiritual gifts and leave the things of the world behind...remember what matters most in this life. I am grateful for the Gospel and all the blessings my Heavenly Father has given me. Love you all!!! And have a great week....Happy Birthday again Dad!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 2009~Spring Break trip to snowy McCall

We enjoyed our week in McCall..lots of snow! Alaena's camera lost it's mind and deleted most of our pictures..but a few were saved....enjoy!

love that hot tub at the end of the day!

on our way down from Warren we stopped at the Bergdorff Hot Springs

we snowmobiled to Warren, a little mining town..2 hours by snowmobile

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pics from Sean!

Elder Daly~March 24, 2009...many miracles!

We had some amazing meetings this week. My favorite was with this girl named Angela from Ghana.
She is ridonkulously cool. She's our age and shes studying here. She was a missionary for the
presbyterian church in Africa... shes a sista wit soul... thats why i like her.

We had district conference this week it was awesome. I got to see Marysia from Bydgoszcz ....
it was so great to see her shes doing way well. She is simply a rock. We had a a random woman
we contacted come to church and she loved it... we taught her right after conference with a member
and it was a way amazing lesson .. so that was one of our miracles of the week.

Ummm there is a ton going on right now in warsaw so life is busy and good. being a missionary is unreal...
we are having so much fun and seeing so many miracles.

enjoy the pics! i need to take more.. i know, im way bad at it.

i love you all, thanks for the emails

love elder daly

Monday, March 23, 2009

an 'antique' picture of Alysia's group

Hermana Daly~March 23, 2009...Feliz semana!

Hola familia!!!
> Feliz semana! First we had a great district meeting motivating us to put everything on the table to accomplish our goals...it was great and inspiring! So we have been working hard, making covenants with the Lord, and seeing miracles. We found some great new investigadors this week...we found one family that just moved here to Arica a few months ago. The parents and 20 year old son are menos activos and the 11 year old daughter, Valentina, never was baptized but wants to be!! Que alegría! So we taught her and the family the first lesson and hope to reactivate the parents and bring Valentina unto the waters of baptism. Valentina is really nice and has a sincere desire to learn!!
> Also I did my first divisiones...I don´t know what it is called in English haha wow – missionary terms that I need to know in English lol...anyway, but where we got two girls to accompany us for the day so we could divide. I went with Lady and my companion with Nicole. So I had to really stretch myself in teaching the lessons and understanding everything, since I was now a lone missionary lol. Lady was way good to testify and help me when I didn´t understand anything. We had tons of success that day though, since we got double the time to teach and find more people. Lots of miracles! So it was fun going on splits (oh ya, that´s the word lol) with them. Lady and Nicole are 19 and 20 years old, recent converts, and have a great testimony --- yay for members helping the missionaries out!! All the members are way nice here! Yesterday we ate pizza at a members house for lunch...it was actually pretty close to American pizza, so I was content. I had been craving pizza lately lol.
> But I can´t believe there is only one week left of this cambio. Hopefully, President Urra lets me stay one more cambio. We have great investigadors and the next cambio has tons of potential! I am grateful for the mission, and I´m still trying to strive to be a missionary that the Lord wants me to be. Still have tons more to learn, but that is the great thing about the mission and life...we can learn everyday and become more Christ-like everyday!
> Love you all and have a great week!!!! Especially you Papa frita...enjoy your birthday week!!!! Love you Dad...thanks for helping me get here on my mission! It is the best!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elder Daly~March 17, 2009...Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It was a really awkward and tiring week because most of it was spent without my other half. 3rd wheeling it is kind of a bummer. It was cool at the same time though because I got to spend it with Elder Mcrae and rushton.. we had a couple of meetings on wednesday before transfers and we got fed by one of the american families. There are about 4 american fams in south warsaw branch and the majority of them work for the embassy. Anywho, i got a glimpse into the life of a stateside missionary... roast beef, potatoes, homemade rolls... psshh they can have it.. im not jealous. Speaking in english.. overrated. Talking about byu football, ok kinda cool. Pumpkin pie, yeahh... it was really good..im pretty jealous.

On transfer day elder mcrae and i were in charge of the train schedules and tickets for everyone.. for about 5 hours we were running up and down escalators, in between platforms, throwing luggage and greenies across train tracks... everyone got in safe.. and my boy Elder Packer and I were finally united.

He's a really cool kid. He's from alpine, ut.. i showed him a pic of some of those alpine kids i roomed with at byu and he recognized most of them. He's a musician and one of the funniest people alive... im really excited for this transfer. Two of the sisters from my group are in North Warsaw with me so i get to make trunky jokes about them until they go home at the end of the transfer.

We had a few meetings with some of the investigators the previous zls were working with.. one of them knows the bom is true and has read every ensign since 1980.. but he's kinda crazy and yeah, he's kinda crazy. We have this cool guy named brian whose from the states.. He's physically handicapped and in a wheelchair but he has amazing faith. He's an english teacher here and he's protestant.. his sister is a mormon and has been trying to get him to join for a while now.. he's really cool so we'll see what happens. We met with a JW investigator as well this week... He was way funny because he claims to be a JW but he has catholic doctrine mixed up in his beliefs..

polish culture tidbit ... it is considered impolite if you extend your hand to a woman that you have just met. You have to wait until she extends her hand in order to shake it.

love you!

Elder Daly

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hermana Daly~March 15, 2009...Conference

Hola familia!
> Hope everyone is doing well!! I can´t believe all of Sean´s crazy transfers...we have two more weeks of this cambio and I hope I get to stay in Arica for one more cambio. We haven´t been able to complete our baptismal goals but I have faith for the next cambio! Work with the menos activos has been good...we are trying to get everyone assignments this week in the ward. Yesterday was also stake conference, so we all went to the church in Loa and there were lots of people. President and Sister Urra spoke and also the temple president of the Santiago temple...so it was way good! The best part happened before the conference when we were walking with the Elders from our sector to the Church in Loa in the dying heat...and then President Urra drove up next to us and told us to hop in...Que milagro!! Lol
> We also had Zone Conference last week as well, which was of course inspiring...Baptize to Reactivate, Reactivate to Baptize. President Urra also talked about how we can become ¨rich¨ missionaries. The two greatest points is we need to always strive to do better and have confidence in ourselves, and we need to be industriosos -- industrial in english? -- we need to be more creative and use our resources and time wisely. So I have lots of goals to become a better missionary!
> The mission is great!! Love you all!! Have a great week!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elder Daly~March 10, 2009...Transferssssss!

Hey hey family... so i got my companion stolen away from me this week... the AP's broke down our door and came in with their big dog euro suits and sunglasses and took him and his stuff, by force mind you... i was left alone in tears and reflection for the rest of the day.. or atleast i wanted to be. I spent the rest of the day with elder weber and mehner and we went and threw down a whiteboard in front of a mall for the rest of the night. Elder Whipple found out he was going Assistant to Pres Engbjerg in front of everybody at zone conference.. he along with Elder Thomas ( my other ZL from bydgoszcz) were called into the office. So... remember that one time that I got transfered every transfer.... yeah, im getting transferred again.. im going to north warsaw with Elder Packer... he's rumored to be the most hardcore in the mission so we'll see what he's got.. im pretty excited, not very excited to pack again though and im gunna miss this branch alot. But our investigators are in good hands because Elder Whipple is keeping most of them so Danuta will be just fine. She was way sick this week from her medication, but she'll be off it by the end of the week

Zone conference was a blast this week.. we had 3 of the 4 zones at the conference so it was almost like mission conference.. i got to lead it which was way fun especially because the leading is all in polish and president engbjerg doesnt know any polish really.. so i got to throw a few jokes in here and there... unfortunately everybody in the mission now knows i cant really speak polish. Elder Whipple and my zone presentation was off the heezy to quote a brotha.... most of it was on the stop somking program but we got to do some fun role plays as well.. it was wayy nerve racking though because of the 3 zone presentations.. president came to ours (to see his new ap in action) ... it was good though.. After one of the roleplays that elder whipple and I did we asked for critiques from the missionaries and Elder Owen ( my son) is in our zone (long story, but he got minitransfered to our zone) and he just lit me up and called me out on some way funny stuff right in front of everybody.. it was pretty funny.. i love my boy.

I went on exchanges to Lublin this week with Elder Brown.. he goes home on friday.. We had a way good day, lublin is beautiful. Nothing too crazy went down just a district meeting and alot of contacting... every other person there is a college student .. polish provo for real..

Here's some odd polish culture for ya... this week while Elder whipple and I were contacting this random old polish man walks passed us wheeling this weird machine that is comprised of a big wheel. He set up his machine outside of random huge apartment building and then he hit the a metal pole with a knife repeatedly. At first i thought he was a little crazy, then he really started to bug me because this banging went on for a solid 5 minutes .. but to my astonishment people started coming from the apartment building with their knives.. he was a knife sharpener! .. street vendor version ... pretty crazy huh.

Well tonight we are going to see phantom of the opera in polish.. president finally let us do something cool :-) .. im way stoked... tranfers on thursday... the trainstation is going to be bumping...

The work is still amazing in warsaw right now.. our zone just had 2 baptisms this past weekend and we should have a couple more within the course of the week... People are getting alot easier to talk to with the weather warming up... thanks for the prayers ... making it through this past winter will go on my top 10 accomplishments of all time along with landing that ridiculous tantrum 900 with my eyes closed two summers ago.. oh wait, that was dad.. dangit.

have a good week, love you guys

elder daly

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hermana Daly~March 9, 2009...fast week...lots of walking & a surprise in the middle!

Hola familia!!!
> Como está??? Another fast week! Lots of walking and a suprise in the middle of the week...two Elders in our sector now!! So now we are back to four missionaries in our sector grande. One gringo from Washington and a new Elder in the mission from Guatamala. They are pretty funny and the ward is happy to have two Elders with us lol. All the members are way nice and funny. We had lunch together with the Elders at Hermano Wilson´s aka Presidente Wilson as he calls himself and us hermanas are his assistants, and now with the Elders we have a secretary and financerio haha. So we have authority over the Elders lol...so now we just compete with each other over streets and menos activos haha.
> But this week we found some pretty good contacts in the street and hope to teach them this week. The work was kinda slow with menos activos this week, but then last night as we were visiting people on the ward list we decided to knock an extra door where we were at...and what do ya know --- it was a menos activos who wasn´t in our list. He is way nice, a dad of a family who aren´t members. His wife is Catholic but not very strong in the church, and said that maybe it would be good for the whole family to listen and learn. So we are going to pass by later this week and hope for the best!!!
> This week we have zone conference, so that should be fun! Our Mission President was sick in the hospital for a few weeks, but now he is better and we are able to have conference! Also today was a fun P-Day...we took one of those pictures antiguas (antique?? I forgot the word in English and how to spell it) but we were dressed up in olden day clothes and took a pic as a zone. So that was fun!
> And that is about it for the news of Arica, Chile. Like Sean, I had my own epiphany but more about my realization of living in South America, in a country that speaks Spanish and I am able to talk to people and get around lol. It´s a pretty cool feeling...still learning lots about the language and need more practice, but I can talk and teach and be myself which is the best. I am grateful for my mission and the people I have met! I love Arica!!
> Have a great week! And Vanessa congrats on a baby girl!!! And Steph a baby!...yay for being mommies! Love you all!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

whiteboard discussion on not smoking

March 3, 2009~The work rolls along

Happy March :-) This week was way good, I went on exchanges with Elder McRae. Most of our day was spent chasing buses that ended up going in the wrong direction because we got bad directions from a member that wanted us to move a couch for her. We finally made it there though and moved this enormo couch a few flights of stairs inside of a polish apartment building.. which anyone will tell you is no easy task..mcrae lost an arm but all in all the couch looks really good in the aparment. And by golly, we got cookies out of it. We also had a meeting with Danuta that same night and it was really good.. her husband was way sick so he was laying in the bed in the other room... she asked us to talk loud so he could hear. It was a really good lesson though she is just so excited to learn the gospel and she just absorbs as much info as she can and she has a bjillion questions. We made her a baptisimal calendar and her date is now for the 28th of March.

Elder whipple and i tracted into this kind larry looking guy this week and he let us in... his house smelled like death and he had a couple of dogs and we are pretty sure one of them was dead. Anywho this guy is at the bottom of life ( we seem to be meeting a lot of those lately) and the sad part is that he was baptized 10 years ago in the Church and started drinking again soon after his baptism and his life just fell apat.. he was in tears.. really sad to see. Not sure exactly what we can do with him.. we searched for his records but didnt find them.. so yeah, random.

We had to work the family history center this week again...work for the dead is way interesting, but kinda boring.

Had some meetings, nothing too crazy.. i think the highlight of the week was this whiteboard we did yesterday.. there is this new revamped non smoking program that was introduced to us last zone conference.. so we did a whiteboard simply dedicated to finding people who wanted to kick the fags. I dont think describing it will do it justice so ill just send a pic of it...

Everyone is poland is talking about the "crisis" ..its written everywhere and the word is just kinding pervasively floating around the polski air... ive heard the US is struggling a little bit but i really dont think poland has gotten hit by it.. i think someone just says the word and suddenly everyone stops buying things and sits on their money and then there really is a crisis.. as for now people are stopping for us alot more partly thanks to the weather and partly because they want to know what we think about the crisis.

The work rolls along.. and its rolling at a pretty incredible pace right now.. the whole mission is pumped and the number of baptisimal dates for march right now is higher than ive seen since ive been out.. its a completely different mission. I had another one of my corny, not so deep epiphanies this week while i was walking around warsaw with elder whipple.. k not really epiphany.. more of a reflection upon the pure, unconditional joy that flows from sharing a personal testimony with anybody and everybody... I feel pretty selfish because i know i get more out of it than most of the people i talk to... but i had the experience a couple of times this week of seeing those truths just kinda click in the heart and mind of an individual and its always way exciting.. it never gets old.. i wish i could describe or share some of those experiences better they are simply the best..

i love you guys hope you have a great week

elder daly

Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009...YAY for working with menos activos!

> Hola familia!!!
> The weeks are flying by!!! Crazy...it´s already March! This past week we worked hard in finding menos activos. Our zone leader is very excited about goals and checking up on everyone and motivating everyone throughout the week, which is way good!! So we have been sprinting from house to house to get things done lol. We had lots of miracles with finding new investigadors and menos activos. Tuesday, Luis accompanied us and wanted to visit his less active friend with us so we could invite him back to church. We were like of course! So we went to visit Sergio who is way nice and invited him to Church and Luis invited him to an Elder´s Quorum activity and he went! Then yesterday he and his dad came to Church and Sergio bore his testimony!! It was soooo great...I really felt the overwhelming joy of bringing a brother back unto Christ. We had lots of menos activos come to Church yesterday and an investigador showed up that said he was going to Santiago for a few months a couple weeks ago. But he came to Church for his first time to find us and tell us he wasn´t going and if we could teach him again – we were like of course once again lol!! So he stayed for the rest of Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School. Lots of miracles!!!
> So I am very grateful for all the help and guidance from Heavenly Father! My comp and I are doing very well. Today for P-Day our activity was the usual soccer playing lol. I actually tried playing today and realized that I have really never played a soccer game in my life haha...needless to say, the Elders had a great time watching me “try” to play soccer lol.
> Life is great...I hope all are doing well! Love you, love you, love you!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly