Monday, February 2, 2009

Elder Sean~February 2, 2009...travelin' to the 'shire of Warsaw'

hey there fam

a lot of way good things happened this week! unfortunately whipple is leaving to lublin in a few minutes so this is going to be quick.

Aneta- apparently she invited a devil into her and wants us to cast it out... she's struggling.

3 of our progessors came to church this past week with us.. which you think would be a good thing... ok well it is a good thing. kinda ... it was fast sunday in warsaw 2 branch which means that anyone can get up and bear their testimony. I would compare it to being a parent and bringing your kids to one of those big dog dinners where you are trying to impress 3 corporate king-quesidillas... you hope that your example and discipline has rubbed off on your kids and you just pray they dont do anything ridonkulous... Well some of the crazier members got up and talked about irrelevant things which in the end drove away the spirit and made sacrament meeting kind of a joke. One of the investigators i was sitting by said to me at the end of the meeting, "well that was an entertaining show."

The people we are working with right now are pretty chill though so i think they realize that people are still people even in the church.. just kind of a shame that missionaries in the past of baptized some crazy people.. which isnt a bad thing ofcourse, it just has more of an effect when there arent very many members.

I went on an exchange this week with elder rushton in my district.. it was a way good time.. we got let in tracting and taught this sweet bonus hick family that wasnt really interested. Then we traveled out to the shire of warsaw... the most magical of areas in my opinion.. we taught this cool guy krzysztof.. our communist, atheist buddy. He's cool and willing to read.

We are planning on giving a baptisimal date to Danuta this week she's the womAN!!! love her, she baked freaking intense polish blood sausage for break the fast on sunday.. she's committed.

we had zone conference this past week.. it was great.. elder whipple and i gave a presentation at it. it went good i hope..

we also found out that we got our pdays moved to tuesday.. so you can expect this ridiculously eloquent and descriptive emails to be getting to you then instead of monday.

prosto love

elder sean

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Bob said...

Fast Sundays can be the bain of missionary work...There were times in Old Mexico that we wouldn't take our investigators to Church on Fast Sunday for the reasons you so eloquently described. Love your e-mails, El. Sean!