Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Elder Daly~February 10, 2009...Happy Valentines Day!

Whats up homskils... merry valentines day to everyone! Can't say im incredibly stoked for it but im sure whipple and i will try and set up a meeting with our best looking investigator for that day.. juust kiddinggg... not but.. for real...

We had a way funny week.... yesterday we had a meeting with Aneta and her sister. Every meeting with Aneta is a new action-packed adventure and it usually ends up taking a little more time than we'd like. But this time it was a little different. Whipple and I were determined to teach her and her sister (edyta) a second lesson.. But when we met up with them we come to find out that Aneta is a little .. well... she was feeling the effects of a bad decision .. she partook of something she shouldnt have.. but it actually ended up being kinda of a good thing.. because we got to sit down with them and instead of aneta dominating the conversation she was completely out and we got to teach edyta a whole second lesson! and the Spirit was there! It's kinda sad that drugs caused it, but i think it was a miracle :-)

Our golden woman Danuta was at church again this week and she is doing really good! She had to go to the hospital this week for some sort of inflammation of something.. i need to study body organs ima little rusty.. but she said she'd be ok ... i asked her how her reading of the book of mormon because last week we gave her something from 3 NE to read...she read from there to the end of the book! yeah.. she's the bomb diggity.

We had a handful of first lessons with some potentials.. a couple of them were pretty curious but a couple others were legit and we have seconds with them.. seconds are good.

We had a sports saturday this week.. we played soccer but it was way too intense for me.. we played with a bunch of iraqis the sisters know and investigators .. it was actually kinda frightening .. the iraqis would scream and yell alot .. im not racist but i did feel like i was in danger on more than one occasion.. it was a good time though

i havent gotten the package yet mom but im sure its on its way, thanks a trillion :-) Poland does celebrate valentines day.. i think? but it doesnt seem like its as intense as in the states.. they have like 4 different days for women here and i think the biggest one is in march, dzien kobiet (womans day) our presentation we did for zone conference was on the atonement, and using the Spirit to be inspired and creative in the work.. about not getting in a rut and making sure we apply the gospel individually to each person we teach.

thats crazy that aaron and kev are already home... tell him i say hi ...

i love you family ... live it up this week.. laners you dont let them get too close on valentines alright? ;-)

here's a quote that our mission president put in the weekly email this week that i really liked .. its by picasso.. what a champ

Everything you can imagine is real

yeah i have shivers too, drink it in.

Elder Daly

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Bob said...

Happy V-Day, El. Sean!