Monday, February 23, 2009

Hermana Daly~February 23, 2009..'the work is hard and great'!

Hola familia!!
> Yay…another great companion!! Hermana Zamudio is from Santiago – San Bernando. Where did you serve in Santiago Dad?? She has six months in the mission, so a little more than me. Her first sectores were in Antofagasta, so she says it is weird to be so far away from the mission office. I am her first gringa companion and this is her first cambio as senior companion…so I need to be nice and behave lol. She doesn´t speak a lot of English, but says she understands a lot…she wants me to teach her some English. But she is way nice and caring; always making sure I have everything I need. Very loving!! So we are going to have a good cambio!
> This last week we focused on menos activos and had lots of success. Four came to Church yesterday, so that was good!! We also visited members, so Hermana Zamudio could get to know them and so we could work together with them to find more menos activos. And all the jóvenes (like missionary age members) accompanied us this last week which was nice. They always like to help out and we always want help from members. Good work on feeding the missionaries mom…pizza sounds really good right now lol. I think I am going to see what McDonalds is like in Chile today…I need something different haha lol.
> But ya, all is well. I´m starting to feel like Sean where I don´t have a lot to say each email. The work is hard and great!! Having the former assistant to president as a zone leader is fun! He likes to make sure us Hermanas have everything and that all is well. He is gringo and my district leader…so a lot more gringos this cambio which is different. But I can understand them on the phone better, which has its benefits haha.
> Hope everyone is enjoying life! CONGRATS LANERS ON GETTING INTO BYU!!! PARTY! You are going to have tons of fun!!! Love you all!!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly
> P.S. Friends - here is my address again for those who wanted it...
> Chile Antofagasta Mission
> Sucre 220, Oficina 504
> Edificio Bulnes
> Antofagasta, II Region
> Chile

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Bob said...

Thank you for the pictures and the e-mails, Hma. Alysia!