Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elder Daly~February 24, 2009...it's still cold!

Hey siemanko family... laners congrats on BYU!!!! ahh yeahhhhhh thats so tight... summer is going
to be straight up righteousness.. in more ways than one if ya kno what i mean.. congratulations.. now
you can live it up your last 3 months of highschool.. parrrtyyy yeahhh.. just kidding, kinda..
try not to pull a sean and fail your classes your last semester of senior year though, dad will dominate you.
This week was amaaaazing. Danuta has a baptisimal date!! mhmmm .. she finally got out of the hospital and
her health is ok.. could be better, but we had a meeting with her before church on sunday and we taught her the gospel
of Jesus Christ.. i started teaching about baptism and read a scripture out of Mosiah about how all the homies were way
stoked to jump in the waters of Mormon and get baptized. After I read it I asked her what she thought about it and she
was like.. "Well, I'm like them, i want to be baptized!" She's the most elect lady ever. She has a date for April 4th because
unfortunately she has some medication she has to be on for march that is going to make her kinda inactive for a a few weeks..
i think she'll change her mind and get baptized earlier but then again we arent exactly sure what kind of medication she has to be on.
I went on exchanges with Elder Tanner this week it was good times... nothing way too crazy happened this week that I can think of.
Its still cold. We had interviews with President, he's doing well... personally, i think he's trunky. Transfers are coming up in a couple weeks..
always exciting. Most of our investigators right now are older polish women and we had 4 of them in church this week.. it was pretty funny because
they all became best friends and just dominated the investigator sunday school class with older polish woman mojo.. i dont know what that means
but it was good, you can take my word for it.
Hope all is well .. love you guys
elder daly

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