Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elder Daly~February 17, 2009...music and lyrics!

alright alright im sorrrrry i havent sent any pictures.. the honest truth its that i havent really taken that many because my memory card has been full for a month and i havent had the chance to burn my pics to a disc .. life has been busy and i keep forgetting to bring blank cds with me to email. Today im in katowice and i dont have my camera or cd's.. im useless i know.. next week i will send some pics i double pinky swear promise.

This week we didnt get to meet with danuta which naturally means she doesnt have a baptisimal date as of yet... we called up her husband to see if we could find out where she's staying in order to visit her.. he wasnt very cooperative though, curses.

For some reason all of the babcias (anciently old polish women) really like Elder Whipple and I. We had a couple of meetings with some pretty sicky grandmas on valentines day.. one of them was actually really interested in finding out more. We didnt have a meeting Aneta or Edyta this week, they are pretty close to dropped. Slawek met with us but he still wont keep his commitments ... keep working on him i suppose

Elder Rushton and I had a miracle story this week.. yesterday actually.. so elder rushton was chosen among a few missionaries to try and write this poland warsaw mission anthem.. i was called to just and write some lyrics... anyways they need it done before zone conference next month so Elder Rushton and I came down to katowice last night for pday today in order to work with some other missionaries and get er done. It was pretty unreal riding on a train and rocking duo acoustics through the winter wonderland of the polski country last night... anyways we got into katowice and while we were walking home with the other missionaries this guy and his daughter sees us and our guitars.. asks where we are from and invites us to go grab a drink and chat.. so we ended up talking to this guy about the church and why we are in poland for like an hour.. rushton even jammed for him.
moral of the story... no idea... but it was cool.

We had Jenny Phillips come to warsaw this week and perform.. shes supposedly pretty well-known in the churchy, efy-ish, cheesy-lyric yet spiritually inviting genre of music..it was good, our investigator Gerta came to the concert and loved it.. Music pulled through for us this week as far as being the catalyst of mircales.

Elder Whipple continues to be everything a missionary is meant to be .. comes in at night, plans, and studies the old testament until bed time.. and then throws down like 35-minute prayers (maybe longer, sometimes im asleep by the time he finishes)... wakes up and exercises.. recites scriptures in the shower.. and then dominates the streets and sitdown lessons all day. He's the man, we have a way good time together...

i think thats it from my end, i got that amazing package from you guys.. ahh goodness i love you guys! I was wayy too excited to get that calendar haha.. its the bomb. The clothes made me way happy too haha ive been wearing the same thing every p-day.. its nice to have something to switch it up... and yes mom i know i need to get out and go running in the mornings :-)

love you so much

Elder Daly

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