Monday, February 2, 2009

Hermana Daly~February 2, 2009..FIRST BAPTISM!

Hola familia!!!!
> Happy Groundhog´s Day!!…don´t know if it is really today, but Hermana Plauche wished me a happy groundhog´s day this morning lol. So this past weekend VICTOR WAS BAPTIZED!!! It went great! His mom, sister, and family friend were able to come...and then Camilo and his family. It was a happy day...we thanked 10 year old ´ball of fun´ Camilo for sharing the Gospel with Victor...missionary at age 10! We will always remember when Camilo told us his story of how one day Victor told Camilo he was looking for a church to go to. Camilo listened and was like hmmm...that´s cool. After he went home, he said he felt bad and like he should have told Victor about The he went back over to Victor´s and said “Hey Victor, you should come to my Church!” And Victor was like, ok ya! Then Camilo said, I really think it was the Spirit that told me to invite Victor :) We said yes Camilo, it was!! Victor was really a gift to us from Camilo. I have learned that it is really through references of members that we have success. We are trying to get the ward really energized about missionary work because we really need more references. Missionaries and members together is the key!
> Then Sunday Victor was confirmed and his mom and sister came too! His mom is inactive, so we are seeing if we can get her back to Church. And then his sister isn´t a member and is now really we will see what happens there. With every blessing comes a trial, and with every trial comes a blessing. After experiencing the joy of a baptism, we had to be put back to work and the day after was way hard with no one home for appointments and no new people interested. The Lord really does teach His missionaries about patience and humility! We are continually learning lessons about patience and is the Lord´s will and work! So lots of hard work this week!!! We are really going to focus on visiting members and helping them understand their responsibilty with missionary work. The members are all way nice and strong...they just need not be afraid to share the Gospel with others and see the importance of it!! I want to bless everyone with the missionary Spirit...together we must and will preach the Gospel to all the´s just a bit easier together :) So family, like I always the missionaries out!!! You will be blessed!
> Well I love everyone so much!! Hope everyone continues to do well!!! Share the Gospel!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly

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Awesome! Love the pictures :)