Monday, February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009...lots of changes!

> Hola familia!
> I can´t believe the cambio is over!! We worked hard this last week and were able to have our goal of 3 less-actives in Sacrament Meeting, yay!! Hermana Plauche has been saying her goodbyes to members who give us too much food…yesterday I was about to die from too much chicken and bread and juice and just food in general lol. But lots of love from the members!!
> But all the companionships are changing in our zone! My new companion is Hermana Zamudio who is from Santiago, Chile. She will be coming to Arica sometime on Tuesday, so that´s exciting. I don´t know anything about her, but I´m sure she is great! Three of the missionaries in our zone are going home, two are going to train the newbies, our zone leader is going to Calama, our new zone leader Elder Verwer who is coming has been an assistant to the president the past few cambios. Lots of changes!! We are going to work hard this next cambio…we need to get out of the vacationing months so we can have more progressing investigadors lol!
> And that is the news besides I am melting…SO SO HOT! We can´t even fall asleep at night it is so hot and then wake up in the morning sweating…love it lol! But I guess the winters here are really cold…like Provo cold without the snow. I can´t believe it, but I guess I will find out in a few months.
> Love you all!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine´s Day…share that love with everyone :)
> Adiocito,
> Hermana Daly

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