Monday, February 9, 2009

Hermana Daly~February 9, 2009.."share the gospel"

Hola familia!This last week we focused on menos activos aka less-actives!! It was a week of treasure hunting lol…its pretty fun…we have our long ward list and then pick a street and start knocking all the doors where members live or use to live. We find out a lot of new things about people…those who have been inactive for over 20 years and others just a few. However, it is hard to find those who are willing to listen again to us and want to come back to the Church. But the few that were home and let us in were great! We found one older man who was only baptized like 5 years ago and got sick and stopped going, and then never returned because he thought the Church forgot about him. So we were really grateful to find him and invite him back…he is way nice!! So hopefully we will start getting menos activos coming back to Church. This is the last week of the cambio and last week of Hermana Plauche´s mission! It is crazy how fast the transfers go by! Not enough time to get all the stuff done that we want to. But it has been another crazy up and down rollercoaster cambio…I´m starting to get use to the constant ups and downs. Hermana Plauche is a great missionary and companion, and like Hermana Flores doesn´t want to go home, but wants to stay in the mission forever! Lol :) So she will leave next week and I will stay and await my next companion. And I don´t know if they are going to send two more missionaries back into our sector or not...we will see! The mission is great…lots of learning experiences each day!!! Love you all and hope everyone is doing fantastic!! Share the Gospel :)

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