Monday, March 3, 2008

Ireland - land of the O'Dalys :)

YAY FOR IRELAND!!! My little trip to Ireland was so so so much fun! Eight of us girls stayed in Dublin at a little hostel and explored the city. The second day we took a train and bus tour to the Western country, which was my favorite. So green and picturesque...and my future home :) I saw some "Daly" things as well, which was way cool. Daly means "faithful to God" - pretty awesome :)

That weekend was the Ireland vs. Scotland rugby game, so we saw lots of cute Scots in kilts - so fun!!
We know the Irish looks good :)

Our lovely was pretty fun!

The first day we walked around lively Dublin. We saw Dublin Castle, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the Guinness Beer Factory :) We also hung out a lot around Temple Bar, a favorite tourist spot where we found our favorite pub - Quays Irish Restaurant! Fun times!

The beautiful countryside...I was in so much bliss!! It was just amazing green hills divided with cute cobblestone walls and dotted with castles and ancient ruins...loved it so much!!! We also got to go to the coast and see the ocean. I was so excited - any body of water just gives me happiness lol :)

One of the stops on our tours was at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. It was very entertaining. The castle tour guide was a hilarious Irishmen who acted out the activities of castle life. The castle wasn't huge, but we were at our liberty to explore all of it - which was so cool. We climbed one of the towers and took some fun pics. They still have dinners at the castle where you eat with your hands...too bad we weren't there for that. Outside the castle was a little folk town that staged older buildings used in the 19th century. It was very intriguing and fun!!!

For lunch we stopped at a cute little seaside town of Doolin where I ate some amazingly fresh fish n'chips at O'Connor's pub. I also happened upon our bed and breakfast house...Daly's House :)

The best spot on the tour was at the Cliffs of Moher. Took my breath away!!!!...and literally too because it was insanely windy. It was fun to try and run on the cliffs because you seriously moved like an inch. It was windiest at the castle on the could lean like 45 degrees and the wind could keep your body up. We had lots of fun with that :)

So to sum in up...I LOVED IRELAND!!! I made sure to spend all my money on green Irish attire and a few CDs of Celtic music :) Good times!!!


Jack & Charlene said...

We fell in love with Ireland through your WONDERFUL Pictures & Report. Thank You !! So Happy you found your "Daly Roots" ... It all is sooooooo Beautiful.
HUGS & Hugs

C & C Beecher said...

cute little pokadot boots! so cool she found so many Daly signs flyin'!

Bob said...

Alysia O'Daly,

You are quite the travelographer (is that a word???)...Have you considered a career in writing travel blogs? Blogs would be much better than books because they could updated anytime. Maybe we should brainstorm this with your parents...The Alysia O'Daly travel blog website!

Vanessa said...

So fun! :) Love ya!