Friday, March 7, 2008

Tower of London, Greenwich, and Hampton Court!!

The notorious Tower of London that held many famous prisoners, used gruesome means of torture, and most known for its beheadings! We saw the Yeoman Warders, popularly known as Beefeaters, the Royal Armouries' collection, and the Crown Jewels!!! So cool!!

Beefeater Teddy Bear :)

Around the Tower of London...

Torture at the Tower!!! We saw the different ways they tortured the prisoners such as the rack.

After the Tower of London, we went to Greenwich. What's in Greenwich you may ask???....well the PRIME MERIDIAN!! I got to straddle the foot in the Western Hemisphere and one in the Eastern :)

A couple weeks ago we took a day trip to HAMPTON COURT PALACE! We got to explore the palace, the Tudor kitchen, and one of the oldest hedge mazes!

These were my favorite...mushroom trees!!! I thought they were way fun!

It was a little chilly that day, so we found refuge in the only warm place we could find...the bathroom lol. We thought we'd take advantage of the warmth and ate lunch in there - we got some funny looks when people walked in and saw us eating in there haha :)

The MAZE!!! We had tons of fun trying to get lost :) Our goal was finding the heart of the maze, which we did...yay!!!


Jack & Charlene said...

We felt like we were there with you. THANK YOU & HUGS for your wonderful pictures and descriptions

Vanessa said...

Alysia, YoU are gorgeous!

Bob said...


Are you bringing any samples from the Jewel House home with you???

Caran said...

This is actually your Dad posting. The pictures are great, but they're made sooo much better with your little facial expressions. The "terror at the tower" shot is priceless. Nice work

Jill said...

Love the pictures Alysia. You look so pretty, I love your green jacket! I know I should focus on the beautiful scenic pictures, but all I can focus on is that great jacket!

Cheri said...

Alysia....what a life! We almost can't wait to see your pics over your brother's mission report....shhhh...don't tell him!