Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24....HAPPY EASTER!

hey family, this is going to be a quicky because this internet is so dang expensive.. its the smingis ningis or something like that .. day after easter, basically hardcore water fight day so nothing is open today. this week was great, easter was a blast. We tried hitting up some easter mass but the times were marked wrong and missed the one we were going to go to. we ended up running around all of poland trying to find any church that would be doing mass in the evening. Couldnt find a single one.. isnt that just like the Catholic church .. haha it was fun running around trying to find one though.. Earlier that day we just had a sacrament meeting and then lunch over at a members place.. the food was polish so naturally is wasnt very good.. bigos, kielbasa, beets, dry bland pastries. i just eat that stuff upppp! im way jealous of the amazing food im sure you consumed without me for easter. we have another dinner appointment today with a member, mm cant waitt. > hmm lots of interesting stuff went down this week, we went to a Jehowahs Witness sacrament meeting.. haha it was a blast, we were invited by some JW friends we had talked to earlier. Everyone was way nice to us the meeting was very well done.. for jws.. they passed out the sacrament, but noone took it because there was noone there from the 'elect' 144,000 that are allowed to take it.. i motioned like i was going to drink the wine and got a lot of dirty looks shot at me.. oops, just a joke, apparently not a very funny one.> talked with some amazing people on the streets this week.. no new investigators unfortunately.. the only ppl that actually talk to us are during the whiteboards we do in Gdansk.. and since most of them live in that area and not in gdynia.. we end up giving all those new investigators to the Dl and his comp.. such is life with only one whiteboard. i talked to a muslim guy the other day and that was probably the best conversation i had this week. > > happy birthday dad! ill probably be sending one package sometime soon home with a tape and some stuff for lysh and dad i found.. be excited :-) > > mom- i can pull from my checking if i want, but id rather not, im not in that desperate of circumstances haha.. just figure id try to spend as much as i get every month > > happy easter! hope it was incredible for everyone, im sorry my pictures didnt get sent, theyre amazing, ill try to send them some other time? i duno, it might just be the software on these computers, ill try to figure it out.

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