Monday, March 17, 2008


haha so i just got to the email cafe and pulled up my inbox and it said this thing failed to send last week... so here ya go ill send a seperate email for what happened this week> > Fairly insane week as far as the weather is concerned. We had the whole gamut. (theres a 5 zlot word for ya)...> Glacial winds with freezing rain early in the week.. now it's like 60 and not a cloud in the sky. I broke my umbrella,> Some Larrys were giving me a hard time so i wound up and... actually to be perfectly honest the wind broke it..> cheapo mens warehouse ... so its kind of a bummer for me cuz i have to use it. So im going around with a jacked> umbrella and people are passing me on the street laughing at me. Better then getting spit at i guess. I sort of forgot> my overcoat in Wroclaw. Like.. eh.. alright i forgot it on purpose. I didnt really have room for it and I figured that I'd> be going back down for my legal work (which i still am.. sometime) so im running around in my suit coats and a half broken> umbrella. Now that the suns out its no worries.> So the investigator pool in gdnyia is somewhat nonexistent currently. We had a ton of setups this week but only one actually> went down with this guy named Leszek. And all that ended up happening was we talked about geography, he made fun of> my Polish and corrected everything I said, and then he played us at chess, 2 simultaneous games. He beat us both, but ill> have you know i held my own for a while... i still claim its cause everything on the board was in Polish, wat a bully face.> > It was dzien kobiet this week, basically women's day. Im not sure why women in Poland have a day dedicated to them> every month of the year. So basically it was valentines day all over again with the flowers and pda all over the place> yep, lots of funnnn. Errington and I walked around the city of gdynia a few hundred times this week. I'm starting to see people> I've already contacted .. Errington is already on a first name basis with half the city. Ive gotten some good practice contacting> trains because we spend alot of time to and from Gdansk. Same old story with Poles talking about me right in front of me> because they dont think i speak polish.. then i freak them out way bad when i start talking to them haha its way funny.> I got a lot of people smiling this week which is always oen of my goals when im out talking with people. They're such> closed people to strangers, once you make them laugh and get their trust they actually start talking! fancy that...So ive been slaving away> during language study to incorporate my personality a little more into the language.. i got some good one liners im rocking now.> > Yesterday i gave my talk and it went pretty well actually. Hopefully i didnt accidentally dirt-ify the doctrine of the church.> We'll see if we still have members coming next week...> > Zone conference is this week Thurs-Sat i think. It's down and Warsaw so im pretty elated. Then Pres. mmm> presidenttttt flip.. wats his name... ahh Kapische? hes the first counselor in the Area Presidency in Europe.> Anywho he's coming to the Gdansk branch this Sunday along with Pres. Engbjerg and his wife. So it's going to be> an intense weekend. I'm loking forward to it but at the same time i hope it isnt a repeat of Wondra.> > My companion rocks socks. I get along a lot better with him than i did with Duty. I have some pictures but once again> the computer is way too old. So that is kinda whats going down... nothing too intense, i could go on about> how much i love the catholic church again but i wont. I felt bad i got in an argument this week that> i shouldnt have. in the end all it does it make me feel way cruddy.> > I havent eaten any fish yet.. but if i can convince my companion to stop being a girl and eat some sushi... then> itll be good times :-)> > I miss music. My ipod is useless because my adapter is too weak sauce for my ipod deck player deal.> i do, however, have a cd player.. so feel free to send cd's :-) Efy is good.. heck ill take some celtic sheep-> herding music .. jay-z, eminem, etc etc..> > hows life back in idaho? the 'project' reached its conclusion yet? Dad and lysh's bday coming uppp..> heckk yeahhsss! hope camo and laners and enduring schooling welleth... i saw an ad on a billboard the> other day for mom's real estate business.. good to see the empire is continuing to grow. For reals actually> there is a store just around the corner of my place that is sporting an Nvidia 7600 gfx card.. represent! :-)> > Life is amazing, the gospel is heart-changing. i love you all so much> > heres my address by the way i forgot to send it out.. oops...> > ul. Zygmunta Augusta 6/87> 81-359 Gdynia> PolSKAA!> > elder daly

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