Sunday, March 23, 2008

March 17...Burger King, Ties & Nutella

hey family sorry that other email didnt send i promise it wasnt on purpose! This week was insane because it was zone conference so we spent 12 ish hours on a train traveling to and from Warsaw. Warsaw was an absolute blast though, my gosh. I cant wait to serve there the city is incredible. We got in and first things first we had some burger king.. heck yeahs... warsaw and wroclaw are the only places in Poland that have it. Then we took a trip to Adams house to buy ties. I think i told you about my experice there last time right.. i cant remember anything i tell anybody haha so i apologize im sure i repeat myself a bjillion times. It was way rad though.... im poor so i only bought one.. and even that may have been too much. It's alright thought ive got pancake stuff, rice, and potatoes to get me to the end of the month:-) and by the way i got a sweet bonUS package from lysh with a tape haha... it was kinda hard to hear her though most of it was just wind.. haha it was still amazing though...and there was something about nutella. oh mannn... i thought i told y'all about nutella... but my gosh its incredible.. i cant afford it though so i get the 4 zlot impersonation nutella. but yeah nutella rocks lysh dawg. give me nutella and a spoon and im a happy man.. > > after adams house we went to hard rock cafe which was even more expensive.. like 50 zlots a plate.. it was way good food though and pretty much every missionary in warsaw was sitting at one table.. so we had like 40 missionaries in there.. it was amazing times .. sat with some of the guys in my mtc group and reminisced... the next day we had zone conference for 7 hours.. Pres. kopsichke from the central europe area presidency talked. he rocked to a whole new meaning of the word rock. He opened up the scriptures to a whole new level it was pretty unreal. Anyways i left inspired... The next day we took a flipping pospieszny train so it took 7 hours to get home. ZL's a cheapos so they got us the slow train. (its usually and 4 hour ride) it was alot of fun hanging with the district though. Yesterday Kopischke came up to our branch in gdansk with president and he spoke and taught sunday school. It was awesome, especially since i got to hear the english than the polish translation.. really helps my polish. Mom asked if I was fluent. Like.. i dunno how to explain the Polish language.. i dont want to sound like I'm big dog because i have to learn such a hard language.. but its different than most languages.. i might not even be fluent by the time i go home haha.. im doing well though with the language, i pretty much dont talk to my companion when we are inside the apartment i feel kind of bad.. i just open my dictionaries and .. go to my happy place.. to be honest its not that happy of a place.. id venture to say its kinda an unhappy place.. nah i like studying polish, its a really cool language. > > Had an interview with president engbjerg yesterday.. it was great i really love my President he is such an incredible man. > > the work is slow but you can bet this week its going to rockkk! we got flaked a bunch last week.. we have a couple more set ups this week.. and we are going to try and bring a less active back to church. hes an ex-branch pres of gdansk, his name is like valdamar or something .. its kinda a long story. ill give the brief version.. Under the last mish pres.. barnett, valdamar was BP and his daughter wanted to go to BYU.. barnett told her she needed to stay and help build the church in Poland.. she didnt like that answer and neither did her father.. but since she needed the signature of an ecclesiastical leader to get into byu she decided to move to England and get one from some church leader there. Valdamar told the branch in gdansk (which at that point had close to 50 members) that Barnett wasnt being led by the spirit and took most the branch with him into inactivity. Barnett preceded to pull the missionaries out of Gdansk because the branch was pretty much non existent. Engbjerg just opened up gdansk about 5 or 6 months ago. so yeah errington and i are going to bring him back into the fold if we can. > > so thats been my life so far this past week... some crazy stories that i dont have time to tell.. but there better told in person anyways right ;-) > > congrats laners on varsity, big doggg at eagle now.. i have elders asking for your address.. i got your back though, fending them off for ya. > > mom- im pretty stoked for your sunday school class haha.. i have one suggestion.. bring a long wooden paddle.. maybe you can through some metal shards on it too. > > dad- way to go on the calling as well, i know its your favorite :-) compared to wroclaw this place is alright, im not going to lie i liked the work better in wroclaw.. definitely prettier here though. > playstation 3? feel free to send one here too, i get bored at nights. > > lysh dawg- what do you want for your bday? i loved your package.. my shamrock is on my wall.. you rock i love you > > cam- i cant believe you broke the xbox! :-) miss you> > have a great week> > elder daly

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