Sunday, March 16, 2008

West Country!

Hey everyone!! I love all your comments...some of them really make me laugh. This last weekend I went to the Beautiful Green WEST COUNTRY...Part 1 - we are going back this week as well!!! Our first stop was in the gorgeous city of Bath where we saw the ancient Roman baths - so cool! I wanted to jump in the warm hot springs lol.

So when you get 40 girls in the English country, you of course get Jane Austen brought up and an obsession with Pride and Prejudice :) Some of us visited one of the houses Jane Austen lived in and wrote some of her novels...Bath was a frequent place in her novels.

We went to Dartmoor...a moor is an outcrop of rocks in a treeless landscape. A lot of people hiked to the top - I chose to enjoy the view from about half way up because I didn't want to kill myself trying to hike in rainboots :)

OK, here is where the obsession with Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice comes in :) We woke up the second day and went to Stourhead Gardens - oh my gosh, it was breathtaking. I have grown to love the English country and nature so so much. It is also where they filmed a part of Pride and the Temple of Apollo. So all of us girls enjoyed walking around the Temple and imagining the scene they filmed there - it was a good time lol.

The Movie!

Real Time!

STONEHENGE!!! Know I can say I've seen a landmark that people started
building about 3500 B.C.!!

Our final stop was at Salisbury Cathedral, which was beautiful! I had just visited the national Gallery this past week where they have some amazing paintings and one of my favorites was one of Salisbury Cathedral that John Constable painted.

In the cathedral was one of the oldest working clocks in existence!! Pretty cool!

And here are some random pics of my roomies that I like!! Us six girls make up the smallest room in the center, which is fun because we have really gotten to know each other and such, and we all share the wonderful address of the ATTIC in the BYU Center :)


Steph said...
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Steph said...

sooooo pretty--you and the places you're visiting!! I miss you, but love that you're having fun and seeing the world!

Bob said...


Do the ducks quack with an English accent?

You have bewitched us body and soul with your pictures and tales from Mother England.

Daly said...


It's Dad again. I can't believe you didn't jump in the water at bath! I thought you were our water girl. Great pics as always.

Ben N Nessa said...

Amazing!!! I'm so jealous of all of the cool historical places you've gone! You look gorgeous :)

Cheri said...

Oh my gosh....absolutely gorgeous...and you look right at home there! We are all living through you and wishing we were there! Thanks for sharing with us...Love and Miss you!