Monday, March 24, 2008

More West Country - Cornwall!!!

Another week to the West Counrty!! So so much fun...a lot of beach time which I thoroughly enjoyed :) I did forget my camera on the trip, but thankfully I have great friends to take pics for me...but I don't have all of them yet so I might post a few more fun ones on the next one.

Anyway, our first stop was in the village of Clovelly built into the side of the seaside hills. It was a really cute town with a steep cobblestone street. They use to use donkeys to transport stuff, but now they just use sledges. My favorite part was of course jumping into the ocean and basking in the sun!!!

Next stop...Tintagel Castle!!! It is also situated on the ocean cliffs and only cool ruins are left. According to legend this is where King Arthur was born...but more importantly (to me) this may have been where Tristan and Isolde lived with Lord Mark in Cornwall!! I was pretty excited about this because of my former obsession with the movie Tristan and Isolde with gorgeous James Franco :) and my movies - I get real excited!

Our hostel was in the beachtown of Penzance (we watched the movie Pirates in Penzance before we left so we would it appreciate where we were more lol). Anyways, the second day we woke up early and went on a five hour hike along the ocean and cliffs. We first played at the sandy beach. The hike was so beautiful and so much fun!! I love the ocean, so I was basically in heaven! We hiked to Land's End - the farthest western point of England.

Then we went to the Eden Project. This was way cool! Basically they are building biomes (big white-bubble domes) that house plants from all over the world to show that degraded environments can be fixed and what plants we rely on and how we can use them and so forth. Basically it was a Disneyland for plants. The two biomes they have so far are the Mediterranean Biome and the Rainforest Biome. The rainforest on was my favorite because you felt like you were serioulsy in the middle of the jungle - it was hot, humid, and you surrounded by tall trees and gorgeous plants. It was so cool!!!

The last thing we did was go play at the beach and on St. Micheal's Mount which is an island off Penzance. It was really windy but I had fun running around in my bare feet. One of my friends has the pics from it, so I haven't gotten them yet, but I do have this one. Anyway, my trip was just a blast!!!! I love England :)

Oh and for my Easter present...I got snow!!! Ya, it seriously snowed in London on Easter - unbelievable lol :) I guess Provo wanted to send snow our way and punish us for having such good weather this winter haha. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!! Love you!

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