Monday, December 22, 2008

Elder Daly~December 22, 2008...Merry Festivus!

Wesolych Swiat na Boze Narodzenie!!!

Hope you all are having a wonder chirstmas time.. playing in the snow, having snowball fights, building snowmen... christmas caroling to the seniors, widows, and shut-in's. Serving others by the means of cookies, warm visits and smiles, and sharing with nonmembers the true meaning of Chirstmas, the birth and life of the Savior, Jesus Christ... oh, wait.. youre in Florida. Sun bathing, buffeting, and attending Will Smiths latest rap concert in Miami. Mmmhmm.. alrighty, well then.. im at a loss for words.. haha nah i kidding, im way jealous. Hope you all are having a way good time :-)

This week was kinda rollercoasterish. We were planning on giving zbyszek a baptisimal date on friday of this week. He called us up the morning of and cancelled. So i called him later that night after i had a baptisimal interview with Zaneta and he was drunk and babbling on about how awesome star wars was. I could hear his mom in the background just laughing hysterically. It was actually pretty funny, but i was way bummed. He had been off drugs and alcohol for a few months. I talked to him on Saturday and he apologized. We are visiting him on tuesday so we'll see.

Zaneta had her baptism on saturday and it was so cool. We had a great turn out and then had a chirstmas eve (Wigilia) celebration afterwards. We had all sorts of polish food. red barszcz.. which is this soup that tastes like seawater. Pierogi .. basically little potsticker dealies with meat and cheese in them. And bigos. Elder Owen and I baked another delicious cake. Unrivaled by all other food there. It was a blast though, good ol polish christmas party. They even had mistletoe.. yeah im feeling pretty refreshed and ready to go this week.

The work was a little tough this week just because set ups are hard to come by during the holiday seasons. We did have this completely awesome guy named blazej in church this week. He's like 22 and he looks just like Ryan off of the Office, fly european suit and all. He's so cool. We've had a couple meetings with him and he really likes the book of mormon. But, like most of our investigators, he can't meet again until after the holidays.

We have a couple of dinner setups for this week which will be a good time.. One with this investigator named Krystyna.. and another with karolina and tomek from the branch.. so heckk yeahs we are celebrating christmas polish style. With some carp and red seawater :-)

Elder Owen and I had some kolenda boys come sing us some chirstmas carols this week.. after they were done i was like.. alrightttt you guys rock it, thanks so much, merry christmas. and as im about to close the door they ask.. "well arent you going to give us money?" ... three cheers for catholicism. i sacrificed a few pennies from our pizza fund.

Thanks so much for the chirstmas cards from everybody and for the package of awesomeness. Eddie Bauer was treating me good on Sunday for sure. I love you guys so much.

The polish people have been really open to our message the closer we get to the holidays. It is such a blessing to serve in a country where the name Jesus Christ is treated with such reverence and respect. Christmas is by far the most sweet bonus of all of the holidays because it touches every soul and provokes a reflection on something greater. Not everyone knows that the magical feeling that comes from the holiday season is actually the miracle of life, the chance that we have here on this earth to show what we are made of, build relationships, even eternal ones. And it is all thanks to the incomprehensible majesty of Christ. About half the people i talk to tell me that they dont want to change their faith. But thats the cool thing about Poland is that they dont need their faith to be changed. We have been called to deepen it.

5 pm my time still works for me .. if something changes just call me whenever.. we'll have the phone with us all day. Merry Festivus.


Elder Sean

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