Monday, December 8, 2008

Hermana Daly~December 8, 2008...yea for missionary work!

Hola familia y amigos!
> Another week in Arica...crazy! We had zone conference last Thursday where President and Hermana Urra came with the asistants and spoke with us. We have to have a musical number and because my companion thinks I can sing well, I was roped into it. So we had the four hermanas and four Elders. And then since I was the only one that could sing high, I was the designated soprano and soloist for some parts...haha – and now everyone says I will be singing in conferences and stuff for the rest of my mission lol. I understood some of the conference of the assistants talked about having faith in miracles happening in our missions. I have definately already seen many little miracles with people we meet on the streets! This week my companion and I made a covenant to talk to each person that crossed our path so we can get more investigators and people to teach. It is quite hard and when we need to get somewhere, it takes hours haha. Then we jump into a colectivo (taxi) to get to our destination lol. People are vey Catholic up here, so many don´t care to listen to us but then we get the people who are nice and willing to listen. We haven´t had too many lessons yet because we are still trying to get to know the area, people, and members in the ward. We also had people commited to coming to church yesterday, but no one came which made me sad...perservance – that´s what the mission is all about 
> I´m starting to understand a little more Spanish everyday, but it is still hard. Everyone says it´s because it´s not´s Castillano or however you spell it haha – not quite sure what that means lol. But the people from other countries I can understand haha. I need to get connected to my Chilean roots quick 
> But Arica is fun! Not too hot with the Pleasanton weather and the downtown Centro is way fun! People are a little richer up here because there are a lot of mines so the houses are pretty nice inside, not what I expected. We did finally get gas in our apartment a few days ago which is good! Our papito...the Hermano who brings us food is way nice and we always have great food! Lots of rice and chicken and bread!
> So ya, trying to stay strong and be patient with the language and people! Yay for missionary work!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly (oh p.s. I´ve changed the pronunciation on my name to the way you say in Spanish or how many people say it in English it´s easier for Chileans lol)

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