Monday, December 15, 2008

Hermana Daly~Dec 15, 2008...'after the tribulations, comes the blessings!

Hola familia!!
> So my scripture for the week is D&C 58:3-5. It says after the tribulations, comes the blessings! We can´t see them now, but they will come  I am living by this scripture because some days or weeks seem very hard. This last week was one of them and at the same time funny as I look back on it. First it was lots of walking as usual because our investigators don´t seem to remember their appointments lol. And it was quite hot this week, so the sun can really get to you after walking all day haha. Then Wednesday, our toilet was so broken and wouldn´t flush again --- kinda gross, no really gross haha. Then our shower head broke the next day and turned into a wipping snake cord of either really hot water or really cold. Our companionship goal for that day was to stay positive and not murmur, especially about our apartment. We did pretty well with that goal until we returned home that night and put the key in the door and it wouldn´t open. We tried and tried, prayed and prayed, and then tried some more for like 10 minutes and the door would not budge. We were like “En serio!” So we went over to the other hermanas´apartment which is a few buildings away and they came over and tried. Hermana Plauche was quite aggresive at the door…I told her to be careful. She put all her muscle into it and was like “I got it, I got it”, but then the key broke in half and the rest of it was stuck in the lock. Needless to say, we spent the night on the floor of the Hermanas´apartment without any of our stuff. Party lol! But I did try my first pastel de choclo which was way good --- the top part is like the sweet corn at Chevys, which you all know I love. Food always makes me happy! So we couldn´t get into our apartment until late the next day. Our papito Hermano Dario drilled a hole into our door and it took him like an hour to get through…supposedly our lock is pretty durable and the more expensive kind so that made it harder to get through our door. Dad, you would just love our aparment and all the fun stuff you could fix haha. Poor Hemano Dario…our toilet has been on his list for the past three weeks haha.
> Anyway, we did have a couple members accompany us to lessons, which was way good! Missionaries always need help from members, so you all should talk to them this week and help them out either going to a lesson or giving a reference!! KK! It is really hard without the member´s help…now I see why the prophets and apostles are always pleading with the members to help and be member missionaries too…it really is a joint effort! After all the apartment fiasco, we did get to teach a few lessons this past weekend and got new investigators!! We have like four teenager investigators, which I didn´t expect we would have a lot of teens willing to listen to us. But they are all so nice, and hopefully we will be able to get them to church. They all said they would come yesterday, but when we went to get them they either weren´t there or were sleeping or just didn´t answer the door lol. 10 am is pretty early for the young…church at 11 am at BYU was early for me haha. So we are praying for next time! I am in a ward with the other two hermanas as well, so that´s fun!
> The Spanish is still coming along. All the ward members say I speak really well, but I don´t believe them. I still don´t understand tons, so it´s hard but there are a few people in the ward that speak purer Spanish that I can understand so I like them the most lol, just kidding. Everyone is great! We do walk around mostly everyday. We only really use collectivos on P-Days or to get to a meeting far away or when we have a cita (appt) far away. So I´m getting my exercise in, but yes I do need to be cautious with the bread so I don´t get fat lol.
> Well I love you all!!! Don´t freeze too much in the snow hahahahaha, just kidding! I did get to go to the beach today and all the Elders played futbol and then we had a water balloon fight…fun fun. Happy holidays!!!
> Lots of love,
> Hermana Daly


bricarr said...

I love you Hermana Daly!
Thank you for your posts...they make me hopeful of a future day when i'll be able to endure similar trials and still have a wonderful attitude as you do.
You're doing so well! :) Miss you, love you, am proud of you!

Steph said...

I love reading the letters from Sean and Alysia!! :) Thanks for posting them!