Monday, December 22, 2008

Hermana Daly~December 22, 2008...Feliz Navidad

Hola familia!
> Like Sean, I can´t believe you are in Florida!!! Crazy, crazy --- hope you are having tons of fun and enjoying Christmas summer style like me lol. This past week was crazy…definately a rollercoaster too. Bro. Bott, my profesor from BYU, said that a mission is 50 years of Church service squished into 18 months or two years so it can be quite the rollercoaster – and I definatley believe it!! The first few days were slow, but on Tuesday we had Elder Vewer, assistant to the President, work with us for the day. He was way good – the Elders do have quite the confidence and power you need on a mission. They never take no for an answer. I need to learn to be more like that lol. And I saw what I wanted my Spanish like -- my patience with the language and especially understanding the Chilenas has definately been tried.
> The next day we had interviews and a little chat with President Urra. It was way good and got me pumped for the week. He talked about how sometimes we may not feel like we are getting the blessings and things we want, but Heavenly Father will always bless us in His way and time. My companion and I took that to heart because we were feeling the pressure of not much success, so we continued in patience and diligence.
> But then miracles started happening the rest of the week. The blessings came pouring upon us!!! The number of lessons we taught skyrocketed and we have lots of new investigadors. This is truly the work of the Lord. We are doing that same things, but this week when we talked to people more listened and wanted to know more. Especially yesterday – one woman said ¨hola¨on the street with her son and we were on the other side so we smiled and said hi back. We were walking to an appointment, and we both felt like we should have went and talked to her but it was too late. Then after we decided to go knock a few doors on a different street than we planned…and as we were walking there we heard an ¨hola¨ from a bench and it was the same woman and her son – Ana and Sabastian. So this time we definately went over and found out she had been baptized years ago somewhere else and wanted to go back to church. And she wanted her son baptized ASAP and her nephew and just everyone lol. But her son also has the desire to be baptized. So we are visiting them this week!! A miracle!
> Also we met another man, Manuel, this week who is Christian and doesn´t belong to any church because he knows like everything about the Bible and doesn´t believe any church is true. Also he told us how his father died like less than a month ago so he was angry with God and prayed to Him to show him the way…more like demanded it and said “God, I need to know the way…you need to bring it my doorstep!” I couldn´t believe it…I don´t know if he has quite made the connection of us finding and teaching him on his doorstep to it being the Way – the true gospel and Church of Christ. But I have great hope for him…he definately has a lot of more challenging questions, but I hope he prays sincerely to know the truth and receives it!
> I am just so grateful for my experiences and for the grace and blessings of the Lord! Also on Friday all the Hermanas had a Christmas activity in Antofagasta, so we made the long trip down there and had lots of fun…including playing on the beach!!! And of course lots of food and a present exchange!
> I hope eveyone enjoys Christmas this week!!! I am grateful for the this time where everything is a little brighter and happier as we celebrate the birth of Christ!! I know Christ is our Savior and loves of beyond comprehension. Through Christ, all is possible!! I LOVE you all SO MUCH!!
> Feliz Navidad,
> Hermana Daly

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