Monday, December 29, 2008

Elder Sean~December 29, 2008..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy 2009!! Well 2008 will go down in the books as the year i was missionary.. twas an amazing year that went by way too fast. I dunno if there is going to be a 2009 edition of the putnam family/cousin calendar.. but i loved my 2008 one.. its hard for me to part with it, it was a huge hit among people that served around me... so if there is a new one i will glady pay postage for it to get here.. heck id even wire some money into a foreign argentinan man's bank account.. let me know what i have to do.

This week was really fun but really really slow. there was nobody on the streets for most of the week because of the holidays.. and not only do they have christmas eve and chirstmas.. they also have second chirstmas.. i hate second christmas. We went over to Krystynas for dinner on monday night and she hooked us up.. it was really cool because she houses foreign exchange students and they were from Austrailia, Brazil, and America .. all of them spoke english and were our age, it was awesome. We spoke english most of the time because the exchage students have been here for a year.. but they can't really speak a lick. Elder Owen even dominated them. I went home a thanked the Lord for the gift of tongues. The food was good though and she even gave elder owen and i matching sweater vests. We also got to go over to Karolina and Tomek's (members) for Second Christmas. Had some food and watched the work and the glory.. unfortunately Remember the Titans is too apostate for our mission...and then we played some games.. it was fun.

On Christmas Eve we had to work until 6 pm which was really .. fun There was nobody on the streets after about 2 pm... Most of the day we ran around with the clipboard and asked people how many reindeer santa has and handed out candy, and the Living Christ pamphlets. After 2 pm the only people out were larrys so we went and made friends with some of them.. gave them candy etc. That night we caught a train to torun with the ZL's. Went to midnight mass which was awful. There was no place to sit so we had to sit in the confession booth, k lie, we had to stand for an hour and a half while 15 yr old girls hit on elder owen. We got to sleep in on Christmas day.. had some pancackes and headed back to Bydgoszcz. Elder Owen and I went and visited an investigator named fred for the ZL's... He spent the holidays alone because his family couldnt make it down from germany... he was drunk when we showed up ... we tried to share a quick thought with him, im not sure if he was really "there" though.. we poured out the rest of the alcohol he had in the house and yeah.. we brought him to church on sunday too.. he smelled pretty bad but seemed more coherent. He's doing good i think, zls are still working with him.

On saturday we visited zbyszek again, we taught him a third and about the word of wisdom.. he had a hard time with that. He loves beer. He still doesnt have a job, says he will be able to find one for sure after the new year. He felt bad that he kept taking our money to pay his way to church on sundays.. and says that the distance and money is tough for him and he wants to wait until there is a branch in inowroclaw. So that is where we are at right now. He knows its true just a couple little things he isnt willing to make sacrifices for. He'll come around though we are going to try and keep visiting him each week.

Have a happy new year! laners stay away from the boys at midnight of new years.. and lysh stay away from the centro... i dont care how many Rick look a likes they have running around there partying on new years.

love you fam, thanks again for the call

elder sean

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