Monday, December 1, 2008

Elder Sean~December 1, 2008...Merry Thanksgiving!

Short email because i had to type marysia's conversion story and email it to the office because they are making some sort of gift for all of the polish members for christmas. And i had to type it in polish which is impossible because you have to hit the dang 'alt' key every other word to put the polish letters in... thats how im going to make it big... move back to poland and open up my own polish keyboard shop. All who wish to be rich and successful may join.

Merry thanksgiving to everyone.. hope you all had some good eats. We had whole little chicken guys with rolls, cornbread, mashedpotatoes and some applecrisp that i made to perfection and then elder owen went and put in a cup extra of melted butter.. some people just weren't cut out the culinary arts like i was.

President engbjerg came to church yesterday and we had interviews... he gave an awesome talk that really helped the investigators and at the same time rocked the members world.. it was awesome. Each companionship had an investigator in church... even torun! the first investigator ever in church!! woot.... all three of them are going to be baptized within the next couple of months for sure. Interviews were good.. President Enbjerg is the man. Lysh your mission president could never be as high class as mine.. Enbjerg is actually considering buying south America and establishing the continental language as polish... ill send you some grammar books.

I love my companion. I'm the only reason he doesnt get translated into the presence of the Almighty each day. The mission is a blast, also energy sucking though... i started doing some push ups and sit ups again because i feel like an old man... i got to like 15 pushups and then a vein in my neck burst. ive sworn off all chocolate and nutella.

i miss you family! I get to talk to you guys in like 20 something days though yeahhhh :-) do i get to talk to lysh dawg? i dunno what the rules are but im sending you my cell phone number nonetheless lysh.

thanks for the emails :-) .. laners rock the summit, go around selling hugs for money.. you'll have the most points of everness.

im curious what polish RM's briana knows... thats tight.. tell them i say hi. Thats so cool that briana is rocking byu packing and shipping hahaha her name is on all my packages, its the bomb diggity.

love you guys, have a great week, rock around the chirstmas tree babyy

elder sean


Bob said...

El. Sean, you answered one of my burning questions...How the heck does a Polish keyboard work??? All those accent marks must drive a person crazy...Love your e-mails and feel your spirit...Keep rocking Poland with the Gospel!

bricarr said...

:D seansy! i meannnn elder daly!
haha...i HAVE to put my name on every piece of's a habit now.
I know the following:
Sister Natalie Jackson
Sister Julia McGarry [you probably remember her the best]
ooohhh and we can't forget Sister Julia McGarry's new fiance that I just met...
Elder Nick Manookin :D

Ben N Nessa said...

I love that Sean is working out again...haha! Cracks me up. :)