Monday, December 8, 2008

Hermana Daly~December 8, 2008..short emails!

This is a email to Cameron from Alysia..she didn't send a generic email out this week. But she is doing great!

haha nice new email address camo....are you still dominating at halo??? im loving chile, but am definately not fluent at spanish yet. its should start taking lots of spanish classes right now for when you get called on a mission to south america :) and i finally got warm water...gas and electricity here is quite different and my companion has to light the gas thing with a match everytime to turn it on, which scares me bc i dont like fire haha. but its good. hows school???? are you still working hard and gettting A´s??? you better be :) well i love you!!!!! have a great week!

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