Monday, December 15, 2008

Elder Sean Daly~Dec 15, is good

So me and Owen made our way out to inowroclaw again this week to visit Zbyszek. We tried to teach him a second and we somewhat succeeded but the man is a talker.. It was a good meeting though. the man has such an understanding of the Bible and the gospel of Jezus Christ its incredible. His mom fed us pieces of bread with a huge cube of butter on each piece and then just put a pieces of raw fish on top. It was brutal. Then after the meeting ended we had 10 minutes to catch our train so we threw down and all out sprint for like the 50th time this transfer.... i wonder how funny that looks to poles.. just two kids decked out in suits and backpacks just booking it across the frozen tundra of Poland. We didnt make the train. So we got to contact inowroclaw for an hour.. found a family that was interested so that was cool. Umm Zbyszek came to church yesterday and loved it. We had a meeting with him and a member, Brat Isaak, after church. It was ...awesome. Izaak is this black man that has lived in poland for 30 years and he is the epitome of all that is wisdom. Zbyszek said he knows he needs to be baptized but he still needs a little bit to think about everything. We are pretty confident he'll accept a date on friday when we go visit him again. The Zone Leaders in our district have a baptism on saturday of this week for Zaneta so that will be good. Our zone set a new mission record for new investigators and sit down lessons. So, yeah, things are way good. Owen and I had some great meetings this week with some new investigators.. hopefully we'll get some of these homskils progressing.

elder owen and I went and served this lady named bozena this week. She's absolutely crazy. I dont have time to go into all the details but basically for 5 hours.... five hours... 300 minutes.. we scrubbed inbetween the tile in her kitchen with toothbrushes. No exaggeration. It was awful. I went an bought a new toothbrush for myself afterwards.

Life is good, Elder owen is the coolest... way cooler than ill ever be. He is singlehandedly rocking bydgoszcz and i am just translating for him.

Bydgoszcz really is holy ground for me though.. Ive had experiences that, after the first 6 months of my mission, i just never expected to see during my time in Poland.


C and C Beecher said...

powerful feelings here!

Bob said...

After the trials come the blessings, El. Sean. You've remained dedicated to the work and the Lord is blessing you. Thank you for warming us with your e-mail and testimony from Poland.