Monday, December 8, 2008

Elder Sean~December 8, 2008~short but busy!

lysh you made it to chileeeee yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! oh man im so stoked for you .. your comp looks pretty sicky tight, and a native!? ah you lucky duck that is going to be so cool. Good luck in your first transfer.

So we had a zone chirstmas party in warsaw this week and it was a way good time. Had some danish food.. threw down some cool skits.. elder owen and i sang silent night and jammed on the guitar.. and yeah it was great.

Work is good.. we had a busy week and probly a pretty busy one this week as well.. we have a handful of investigators we are way excited about and we actually have a meeting with one in like 15 mins so i have to go.

and for christmas you guys actually have to call me.. my phone wont call to the states (ive tried) .. ill give you guys a time frame to call in my email next week as well as my number.

love you guys :-)

elder sean

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